Our Staff

We have a highly devoted and educated team of teachers and staff members who love to learn and share their enthusiasm with our cowboys and cowgirls. They put many hours of hard work into your child’s educational success. We hope you'll take the time to get to know them, and if you have any questions or concerns or need to discuss your child’s specific situation, please do not hesitate to contact one of us.

Meet Our Administration

Mike Patterson

David Chaim
Dean of Students

Idalia Willey

Rina Colato
Attendance Clerk

Meet Our Teachers

Kambrah Allsup
7th Grade Math
Room 105

Debbie Atwood
Alternate Classroom

Dale Bennett
5th Grade Math
Room 307

Rebecca Bhasme
7th Grade Science
Room 109

Anita Bowland
Choir 5-6
Choir Room

Anita Bowland
5th Grade Social Studies
Room 304

John Chapman
5th Grade Band
Band Room

Mirna Garcia
ESL Grade 5–8
Room 303

Craig Hamilton
7th/8th Grade Social Studies
Room 209

Sheryl Hough
Special Education
Room 101

Maureen Johnston
7th Grade ELA

Judi King
6th Grade ELA
Room 102

Patrick Macumber

Karen McCann
5th/6th Grade Special Ed
Room 204

Breck McClaine
5th Grade Lang Arts
Room 306

Ann Mooney
8th Grade Math ELA
Room 210

Tia Pennington
Choir Room

Rosalie Perolino
5th Grade Science
Room 305

Thanuja Poothulari
8th Grade Math
Room 103

Lea Siebert
6th Grade Math

Phillip Steward
6th Grade Social Studies
Room 203

Jon Sutton
6th Grade Science
Room 203

Brandi Webster
8th Grade Science
Room 211

Gretchen Zibart
7th/8th Grade Special Education
Room 104

Meet Our Support Staff

Wayne Cooper
Head Custodian

Leonor Duran
Custodial Staff

Alma Moran
Custodial Staff

Dillyn Armstrong
Music Paraprofessional

Amanda Hill

Toni King

Tammy McAndrew Miranda

Jennifer Norris

Margie Pesina

Sara Wiley